My musical career really started in the mid 80's when I formed the band Frontier.
In the early 90's I was signed to the Mercury record label
alongside such acts as: Robert Plant & Mark Knopfler.

During this time I worked with many great producers, engineers & musicians the list includes:

Gary Katz - Producer - Steely Dan
Steve Jackson - Sound Engineer - Bryan Adams
Dave Bascombe - Producer - Tears For Fears
Wix - Keyboards - Paul McCartney
Tony Beard - Drums - Hall and Oates
Kenny Macdonald - Sound Engineer - Texas
Adam Mosely - Sound Engineer - Rush
Ian Kewley - Keyboards/Producer - Paul Young
Tony Philips - Sound Engineer - Seal.

Studio Recording's took place at:

Rockfield studio's, Wales the birthplace of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody
Jimmy Page's old studio - The Mill
Jacobs Studios
George Martin's - Air Studio, London
Peter Gabriel's Realworld Studios, Bath.
Parklane Studio's Glasgow

Frontier released 2 singles - The Sun is Gonna Shine.

& Lonely Heart

Tours included

Gun - Support tour 1992.
Venues included The Astoria, London.

Wet Wet Wet - Support Tour 1992.
Venues included: Wembley Arena, Birmingham NEC,
Sheffield Arena and Manchester GMex.

After Frontier I moved to London where I formed the BJ Cunningham Band.
I also worked as a audio engineer for various music company's including Zomba Records.
I did a lot of pre/post production work on many great recordings.

Projects included:
Led Zeppelin
Elton John
George Harrison ( Concert for George - DVD )
Robbie Williams
The Police
Lord Of The Rings
Live Aid
and too many more to mention.

Latest News

Combining over thirty years of guitar playing & technical experience
I have put together a collection of new music, videos & local guitar lessons.
Current projects to check out are 2B Instrumental, a new collaboration with
fellow songwriter Bud Greenwood. View on YouTube.

Here's hoping you get a chance to share in my new music.

Thanks for coming around.

BJ Cunningham.